musictheatre / performance

With a movement of your hand, you speed up my heartbeat. It gives direction to the music that surrounds us. Your breathing rate makes the room vibrate. Our shared sound changes the encounter. How do moments of encounter take shape when we experience them not primarily by seeing, but by hearing? What happens when we can perceive the sensations of our counterpart acoustically? How do we deal with being exposed to other people in this way? In the confrontation with our own physicality, movement and sound open up new ways of breaking down boundaries and shaking up the restrictions of a visually dominated society


artistic collaboration
stage, costume
drums & live Electronics
viola da gamba
piano & toy piano
live electronics


sophie krause, robin plenio
alex piasente
niklas schächner
Camille Lacadee
sophie krause
lukas streich
samuel hertz
fidan aghayeva-edler
robin plenio



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