Senior Suite

musictheatre / performance

All decisions have been made

Along nine movements, one performer experiences death and respawning, as a way of navigating through a simulator of her own life. Senior Suite questions the idea of life as a fixed timeline, in which decisions are supposedly final and have an influence on everything that follows. The piece is structured as a videogame, an expensive device that accumulates life experiences, in which death does not mean the end of the game but a new start at a predefined point.

Muhr/Plenio together with performer Monika Barth reflect on how much we trust images and time, and use them as a projection surface for concepts of immortality, life after death, and the gamification of reality.

Senior Suite is the first chapter of a series of pieces by the music-theatre duo Muhr/Plenio that reflect on time perception, meta-scores, and documentation as a way of creating realities.


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diego muhr, robin plenio

monika barth

iriniย aravidou

2024 ย  ย  ย ย 
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lichthoftheater hamburg

senior suite is a production by muhr/plenio in coproduction with lichthoftheater supported by hamburgische kulturstiftung, mara & holger classen stiftung und lichthof stiftung