documentary performance

We have this fabulous intelligence, but, we also in some ways, we are the most fragile living beings on this planet. So fragile that we – because of the capacities – we risk failing in ways
that will destroy every possibilities of any human future.
– Jan
Helge Solbakk, Bioethicists from Oslo

The documentary performance deals with the meaning of the body – the flesh – in today’s society. Three performers navigate through live music, live video and pan-European interviews with protagonists from the porn industry, the church, the food industry, and many more. Fascination meets disgust, theory meets practice, body meets consciousness: Individuals on data carriers, concepts of the unthinkable, perception as the basis of the mind, the vulnerability of the human body, the non-locatability of human thought in a binary logic, the question of the possibility of
disembodied existence, the will of the spirit and the desire of the flesh. With the co-presence of the materials, the live performance and the audience, a space is created which enables the simultaneity of the seemingly incommensurable, allows perspectives to collide and searches for ruptures as well as Interfaces between concepts.


concept / artistic direction                    
musical direction                                    

technical direction                                
production management                    

sophie krause, robin plenio
terrence johnson

sophie krause

robin plenio

marie akoury
lena fritschle

david-simon groß, sophie krause
eugen geisler

lennart beese

laura wiesinger


ballhaus ost berlin
lichthoftheater hamburg

fleshdance is a production by boikott in coproduction with ballhaus ost berlin supported by fonds daku, rusch stiftung and nationales performance netz

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